What does sets and rounds mean in flow workouts?

For example, 3 sets and 3 rounds means that 1 set consists of 3 rounds and that means that you repeat the movement sequence (all movements) for 3 times (rounds) during one set. For example, if the flow routine consists of 4 movements, you repeat all the 4 movements for 3 times in one set.

For example, in Animal movement flow 1 (Month 1 - Week 1 - Tuesday). The flow goes like this: You do the monkey walk, back in reverse bear walk, go with Bunny hops and came back again with the crab walk. That count as 1 round. Then you have to repeat 2 more rounds and then you finish the first Set. 

3 sets means you do this for 3 times with some rest between the sets. The distance and the steps you should adjust to your space but we recommend using around the same space as Eero does in the video if possible.